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The Blair Conklin Signature traction pad is Blair Conklin’s brain-child. It was birthed through years of performing at the highest level of any human, animal, or living creature on the face of planet Earth. Nobody rides a board like Blair, but this is the best shot you’ll have to coming close.

The Baby Dragon Talon texture on the heel and toe pieces combined with offset Pyramids of Giza grid on the arch provide a Pythagorean Theorem of perfect balance for your feet. Finished off with our El Kapitan Kick, the Blair Conklin Signature Tail Pad is what you’ve been lucid dreaming of.

Marine-grade 3M Adhesive keeps your goods stuck on your goods so you’re good when you’re trying to be good, you feel?

*Tail Pad says “LET’S PARTY” on back of kick bump

Blair Conklin Signature Tail Pad - Black

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