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Skimboard Rentals

Don't need a lesson? We offer skimboard rentals!

We stock skimboards designed and manufactured by industry leaders Exile Skimboards, Zap, Victoria, Wavezone and more. The high quality of the boards offers our client's the best feel and performance. We have boards to match individuals at every height, weight and skill level. 

Board rentals are available to tourists, locals, families and any travelers looking to save on expensive baggage fees.

# of Boards      Daily rate         2-Days          3-Days


One                 $30.00             $50.00         $100.00

Two                 $50.00             $90.00         $160.00

Three               $75.00            $125.00         $175.00


Additional rentals available upon request.

Board rental requires a 50% deposit upon booking.

Delivery is available everyday between 6:00am and 8:00am at any location, residence or beach of your choice. Arrangements for board pickup/dropoff are made prior to each board rental.


If you should have to cancel your board rental, we ask that you provide 24-hour advance notice. Failure to provide 24-hour advance notice may result in a less than full refund of the deposit.

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